Image Source: Österreich via Pixabay + edits.

Practicing Yoga in Japan Changed My Outlook on Going Blind

How yoga helped (or forced!) me to set aside my feelings of self-doubt and start learning to accept the things in life I can’t change.

Fukuoka was ranked the world’s 7th most livable city in Monocle’s 2016 Quality of Life Survey. Image Source: Jakub Hałun via Wikimedia Commons.

A Good Idea at the Time

A Balancing Act

Working on my balance at Momochi Beach, Fukuoka.

The Process of Failing

Doing some yoga in stunning Ohori Park, Fukuoka.

When you’re in a room listening for instructions you don’t understand, scanning the other students to see if you can copy what they are doing, and wobbling like a toddler learning to walk, it’s pretty hard to keep things in perspective.

Shutting Off My Brain

Attempting to balance yet again, this time while backpacking in Myanmar.

“I can’t see well, and I can’t understand Japanese.”

Accepting Things as They Are

Removing the control and the pressure that I had been putting on myself allowed me to see just how much I was negatively impacting something I only started to do for positive reasons.

Visually impaired author and adventurer

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