Ever had an interviewer play a prank on you?

The Interview

Pretty quickly, someone scheduled an interview with me to discuss writing for their entertainment company. It was an industry I knew nothing about, but it sounded interesting. Plus, I always appreciate extra interview practice.

The Rejection

Instead of the standard email rejection or silence, I received a call. The primary interviewer snickered as he confessed they had played “A bit of an April Fool’s prank” on me during my interview. I was shocked and quickly started running through what I had said and where the prank could have been.

The Realization

Years later, I now know that job interviews aren’t the place for pranks. People show up nervous enough. Often, they need these jobs very badly and are not prepared to field jokes. I’m sure there are those who will disagree, but to me, that crosses a very defined line.

Visually impaired author and adventurer